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Consumer Protection Law - Lemon Law

The Cremeens Law Group PLLC has spent years fighting for the rights of Florida's Consumers. Unfair marketing practices, warranty disputes, auto-repair fraud... it's frightening how many different situations you can find yourself in where you have to fight over a simple purchase of a product, or the hiring of someone to perform a common service, that should have just been "ok" . You should be able to be confident when spending your hard-earned money with both the local businesses of Tampa, the regional businesses of Florida and national chains and manufacturers!

This is Consumer Law - the peace of mind you need to do business. And there are protections written into law at both the State and Federal level, so you can have that confidence! Now that doesn't mean you shouldn't spend anytime utilizing the resources readily available all around you, to look into a business, product, both ; before you make a purchase, make it an informed purchase. Look at a business' online presence, check out product reviews, visit the website for the BBB... there are too many ways to list to make a purchase a little bit safer. Sometimes, however, regardless of how much research you do, how confident you were in a decision, you can still end up needing an advocate: someone to fight for your rights as a consumer!

Don't hesitate a minute longer. Call your attorneys. Call The Cremeens Law Group PLLC, Tampa's Premiere Full-Service Law Firm.


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