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A Guide To Common Legal Definitions (scroll down for full list)


A Motion is a written or verbal application made to a court or a judge to ask the for a ruling be made or an order or act be done

Motions are made in court often and for many reasons, they can be made to postpone a trial or a court date, to change an order of child support or custody, for dismissal of an opposing party's motion or case. sanctions, rehearing, or for many other reasons.

Some motions require a written petition, a brief or written statement of legal reasons why the movement should be granted some times called "points & authorities". These are typically delivered to the opposing council and the judge. Oral motions are typically done during a court hearing when a written motion is not practical.

Here is a short list of other kinds of motions: Motion for summary Judgment, alternative motions, ex parte motion, interlocutory motion, motion for more definite statement, motion for a new trial, motion for nonsuit, motion for a decree, motion for judgment, motion for judgment notwithstanding verdict, motion for reargument, motion for summary judgment, motion to dismiss, motion to quash, motion to set a side judgment, motion to strike, motion to vacate judgment & many more.

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