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Theft, Burglary and Robbery

October 26th, 2013

Have you been arrested for theft? Are you facing felony burglary charges but feel the charges are wrong? Have you been accused of a robbery that you simply did not commit? These things, and more, happen more often than most would like to admit.

More than likely, we are all aware that every single citizen of the Tampa area... of Hillsborough County... of the State of Florida and of these great United States are all guaranteed certain rights under our constitution. Many of you learned them in school, others of you might simply be aware of what you have heard in the media, but regardless of how you know, if you are arrested - whether for burglary, theft or other robbery related felony or misdemeanor - you have the right to an attorney (as well as many, many other rights you should familiarize yourself with).

What you might not know is that not everyone is appointed a lawyer by the courts; it's not as simple and as guaranteed as you see in the movies and your very best chance at fully understanding the circumstances you are in is by securing your own council: a firm with decades of experience in criminal law that will fight for you.

So if you have been arrested or think you might have committed a crime and will need a Tampa criminal attorney, choose the Cremeens Law Group PLLC.




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