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Consumer Law

Consumer law, sometimes called "Consumer Protection Law" or simply put Consumer's Rights, is what protects the relationships that form when an American consumer purchase any product or service from any company or another individual.


Every day we go about our business, making purchases, all with a level of confidence that has been ingrained into society; that comfort knowing that what we buy is what we get. It's when that, in the most simple terms, breaks down that you need an experienced lawyer who practices consumer law like the Cremeens Law Group PLLC.

If you have a questions about unfair business practices, misrepresentation, product liability, fraud or any thing else where you feel slighted by some company related to Lemon Law and you just don't have any other options, please call us. If you're dealing with a violation of a Consumer Protection Law, where product safety, pricing or bill collection is concerned, please give us a call!

We are here to help.

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