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Reckless Driving Attorney

July 26th, 2013

Have you been charged with Reckless Driving? Are you facing huge fines, insurance hikes, the loss of your license and possible JAIL TIME because of a traffic stop?

Most people don't realize that you don't have to be driving intoxicated to have your life turned upside down by a traffic strop. Reckless driving in Florida is more than a simple ticket and is a criminal investigation that can result in an arrest! One of the scariest parts is that so much of the law relies on the discretion of the officer that is conducting the stop.

Basically, recess driving can be charged when the police believe that the driving of an individual is intentionally placing persons or property at significant risk. At which point they can either arrest you and impound your vehicle or or simply write you a citation.

Unfortunately you can't have a lawyer driving with you, but you can have the next best thing: a skilled lawyer with experience defending reckless driving charges only a phone call away!

So if you find yourself facing a criminal investigation because of your driving, don't dismiss the impact it can have on your life and let an experienced attorney fight for you.

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Reckless Driving Defense

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