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Traffic Violations

January 26th, 2014

Have you been charged with a traffic violation? Did you know that you have options? Sometimes the consequences of something as simple as too many points, regardless of the circumstances or context, can have dire consequences. Not only is your driving record affected, and your driving privileges at risk of being revoked, but the cost of some of the most simple of violations can be extravagant and, over time, the potential increase to your insurance premiums can supersede any attorney fees you may accrue fighting them. And fighting a traffic violation is your right, as is having an attorney assist in it. Whether a traffic stop has resulted in a felony arrest (or a misdemeanor arrest) or not, you still have the option to elect to have your charges brought before a judge and fought in court.

With an experienced lawyer, you may be able to have the violations dismissed, the penalty reduced or your driving record unaffected. Be mindful, though, that you do not have an unlimited amount of time to elect to dispute the ticket. So before too much time has passed and your options limited, decide whether fighting your traffic violation is a right you wish to exercise.


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Traffic Violations

You don't have to fight a traffic ticket alone, whether the traffic stop resulted in an arrest or not.

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