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Misdemeanor Arrests & Defense

March 26th, 2014

Being charged with a misdemeanor is a very serious matter. If you've been charged, or suspect you may soon be charged, with a misdemeanor, you should consider immediately retaining the services of not just a criminal attorney, but an experienced criminal attorney.

Criminal law, even when dealing with misdemeanors, has higher stakes than you might be initially inclined to think. Though yes, there are varying misdemeanor degrees (and felonies) that represent the seriousness of the crime, and they do somewhat effect the standards imposed when being charged, prosecuted and sentenced, they are still all criminal in nature and for many people (including future or current employers) as a "slight criminal record" . The possibility of jail time is real, as is a lengthy probation, high fines and/or restitution, and therefore something you just don't want to risk by neglecting to hire the proper counsel or by forgoing an attorney all together and representing yourself.

So if you're facing a misdemeanor arrest and want to increase your chances at reduced charges, lessen the sentencing or go for a complete acquittal, choose the Cremeens Law Group PLLC to be your attorneys. This is potentially a threat to your future, why take a chance?


For more information about how we can help you defend a misdemeanor arrest, or to simply find out more about our firm, contact us today!



Misdemeanor Arrests & Defense

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